Teaching the body

to fight cancer again.




Not genetic changes.


Nanoring-based PARs reactivate & retarget the immune system without the cost or long-term risks of genetic modification.

completely reversible therapy.


No need for suicide genes or viral vectors.  FDA-approved antibiotic Trimethoprim is all it takes to dissolve the CSANs (nanorings) and switch PARs off.

more effective for patients & providers.


A cheaper, faster, more flexible and controllable way to deliver personalized oncolytic immunotherapy.


Chimeric Antigen Receptors


Showing promising early results in cancer oncology, CAR-T cell therapy genetically modifies a patient’s T-cells, reactivating and retargeting the immune system to kill tumor cells. As with most early-stage treatments, CAR-T therapy is complex and not without potential side effects—short- and long-term.

PARs®: The CARs Alternative

Prosthetic Antigen Receptors


Tychon® introduces PARs®, which harnesses the power of protein dimerization to produce chemically self-assembling nanorings (CSANs).  These nanorings form a stable, flexible construct to combine a patient’s T lymphocytes (T-cells) and a host of cancer-seeking antigens, creating a wide variety of adoptive cell therapies (PARs®) with selective anti-tumor capabilities.

Our goal:

To create a viable alternative to surgery, radiation & chemotherapy.

tychon® will be entering clinical trials


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